“I never thought of it like that”

Sometimes I just sort of forget that I’m different from anyone else in any significant way. That was reminded to me very recently though. See, I mentioned on air one day that the Ed Sheeran song, I Don’t Care, has become the “our song” of my relationship. I didn’t really think much of it, but someone went up to me later on and said he’d never thought of the song like that. He said that after hearing me talk about it, it caused him to hear the lyrics in a new light, and it changed the way he thought about it.

I was… so confused. Like… how did you hear those lyrics and not realize that it’s a love song? It’s clearly about someone telling the person they love how their life is made better when they’re around, right? Well turns out I had forgotten one important fact. I’m gay, and for some people gay romance is different from straight romance. I mean, the song does have this nice way that it doesn’t actually mention what gender the person is singing to, but I’ll be honest about something. Literally any romantic song could be the “our song” for my relationship, provided that it happens to resonate with my boyfriend and I. I’ve already spent all my life changing the pronouns of the songs I sing along to anyways, so it’s not that crazy.

None of this is a bad thing though. I mean, the guy had never considered a song to possibly be about two men, and I helped him see that possibility. I’d say that’s a good thing. One day, I’ll live in a world where I can say that a song resonates with me without it being weird. That’s what I hope for. For now, I’m happy to help people consider new things they hadn’t before. 🙂