Japan developing wooden satellites

Wooden satellites would make a great band name. You can have that one. No charge.

To make a long story short: We put a whole lot of garbage into space with absolutely no plan on what we’re gonna do when we want it to stop being there. Right now there are about 6000 satellites in orbit right now, and 60% of them are defunct. They aren’t doing anything. Just space junk.
This is a problem for a whole bunch of reasons. Space for orbit isn’t unlimited, junk can break up and be dangerous to the atmosphere, junk can break up and be dangerous to other things trying to stay in orbit. These things are moving at about 36.5k Kph so collisions are pretty damaging.

That’s where wooden satellites come in.
Sumitomo forestry is experimenting with different types of wood to use in satellites. Wood would break up in the atmosphere which means cleaning up the space junk is much easier. Of course that also means it’s a challenge to make them work in the extreme environment of space. But never say never! They are rocket scientists after all.

When asked what kind of wood they would be using, Sumitomo said it was an “R&D secret”.
I bet it’s a nice mahogany.