Joint ICE investigation leads to rescue of two children

A joint investigation by the Saskatchewan Internet Child Exploitation Unit (SASK ICE) and the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams Internet Child Exploitation Unit (ALERT ICE) has led to the arrest of two men, and the rescue of two children.

On June 24, Sask ICE received information about two men accessing cloud based internet child pornography, sharing the pornography and discussing sexually assaulting children via social media. Two days later, both units received warrants to search multiple locations in Red Deer and Rocanville, Saskatchewan. Police seized numerous electronic devices in both locations and both suspects were apprehended. The children targeted were recovered and are safe and each provinces’ child services departments are helping care for them.

The two men, who will remain unnamed to protect the children, are facing charges of sexual interference, accessing creating and distributing child pornography and other charges specifically charged to one man or the other.

The 35-year-old man from Rocanville was kept in police custody but released, and he will appear in Provincial court today. The 40-year-old man from Red Deer is still in police custody and will have his first court appearance on July 17. Anyone with more information on this case or any other related cases is asked to contact local authorities.


-Christian Oldale, Trending 55 Newsroom

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