Just a 4 minute conversation about vampires

A little peak behind the curtain here. Usually Donny comes over to the KIX studio after work everyday to record our lil bit for tomorrow’s show, but before we record “the bit”, obviously we just chat and catch up and kinda get a read for where the vibe is gonna be at today. I usually start the recording right as he shows up because it gives me a lot of time to adjust the levels of the microphones before we start actually doing the bit (Because the levels change on a day to day based on energy and mood and everything like that).

Today’s pre-bit talk was almost an entire bit on it’s own, but not quite something I’d want to put on the radio. It seemed like such a shame to waste a good conversation though, so I’m just gonna have it be a little secret website-only bit.

Before the recording starts, Donny walks in the door without knocking cause I was just looking down at my phone and didn’t notice him in the window. He says “I’m just coming in cause I don’t need you to invite me in. I’m not a vampire.” and then I say “Does giving a little head nod through a window count as inviting in for the purpose of a vampire?”

(There is one swear word. You were warned)