Just a whole lotta positivity

Alright I think we can all admit 2020 sucks BUTT so far but that’s okay we don’t have to wallow in it. All I’m saying is February has a real tough act to follow for being the worst month of the decade. I propose we accept life as it is, and then move onto stuff that isn’t that but is instead much better. So here’s a whole lotta stuff that made me smile


Look at this guy GO! I love him.


Woah look at this speedy duck! He’s really coming in hot (which is funny because it’s obviously very cold)


Alright check out this one. It’s just a bunch of dumb idiot cats doing their best and that’s okay. Sometimes the mighty need to be reminded of their weakness and we all learn something together 🙂


Alright this is the last one but look at this little guy watching his favourite movie with his favourite hat. I hope he goes far in life.



Alright that’s it. Hopefully I dont have to do another post like this next month but who knows! Maybe January was just the first episode of this series finale in the show we call life! Here’s hoping its more like artificial drama for the trailers in reality shows.