KIX FM is a Crazy Frog Music only station now????



That’s basically how most of these pranks go isn’t it? People make some kind of joke and maybe you think it’s funny for like 2 seconds and then you move on because it’s not really all that interesting or funny. Every brand with more than 1000 followers on their social media has some sort of clean-cut prank where they sell a fake product (which may or may not fall into the category of a real thing that could exist) and then the next day Buzzfeed writes a 250 word blogpost showing off all the jokes from the day’s festivities.

I truly think April Fools (Fool’s? I’m not gonna google it. I’m just gonna change between spellings as we go) is probably on its last legs as a holiday. Last year might have be the coup de grace that brought most people onto the side of being anti-foolishness since no one was feeling particularly funny in the April of 2020. Almost everyone I’ve talked to finds the whole thing tiresome and not much else. I give it maybe another 5 years of being alright and then after that I think the only ones doing it will be the Bush Beans Twitter account.

I think the shift in opinion over the years could probably be chalked up to those aforementioned brand “pranks”. They got really popular as social media grew and grew and got inversely less funny. They likely all get run through a number of brand management teams for a couple months who spent that time engineering a perfect and clean cut joke which runs zero risk of offending a soul, lest this jest run the risk of harming the brand.
And the result is just that! Something that maybe you retweet once and then forget about. They feel disingenuous at best.

Of course there are some real jokes which a real human being might try to pull today. And that’s a whole different issue. Because suddenly people who aren’t funny are gonna be unfunny in public and no one wants to deal with that. I have to admit though, as someone who’s worked with kids a couple times, I actually secretly like this category. Because if children have taught me anything, it’s the effort that makes it funny. Often the pranker has way more fun than the prankee.

That being said, the ratio of Brand-Jokes to “Real jokes” you’ll experience on an average April Fools in the modern era is about 100:1, so as a result, all the youngins’ who’ve been raised on social media and the weird brand accounts that come with it just see the whole holiday as one big advertisement. We don’t like ads! You can’t make me like ads! Just because your April fools day prank was to pretend to announce a new upside-down pizza doesn’t mean that post isn’t an ad! All I see all day on Twitter today is ads and they aren’t particularly funny ones either!

Which will break first? Capitalism or April Fools day? Only time will tell. I *did* just write 500 words about April Fools not being funny and then I *did* do a joke on my show today about aliens hijacking the station and playing Monster Mash. But in my defence, April fool’s is about unfunny people being unfunny in public, which is my actual job description as a radio host and this was no exception. The difference is that I get paid to be unfunny in public for some reason so that makes it okay. Like a clown. Or a politician.

– Robert

(ps. I didn’t check if Donny wrote a similar post today so I apologize if this is the second anti-fool’s day post you read today)