Latest Trending 55 Poll shows a split on lockdowns

The results are in! 

In our latest Trending 55 Newsroom’s Poll of the Week, we asked if you were in favour, or against, a lockdown given the rising COIVD-19 cases. 

39.4 percent of voters support a full lockdown, while 38.3 percent do not want a lockdown of any kind. 

22.3 percent are okay with a partial lockdown. 

This week, we are sticking with the theme of COVID. 

The towns of: Fairview, High Prairie and Peace River have recently passed mandatory mask bylaws. 

We want to know, now that bylaws are in place, will you be wearing a mask? 

Head to our homepage to cast your vote, and be heard! 

– Kenny Trenton, Trending 55 Newsroom

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