Machine Gun Kelly’s blood necklace

One aspect of Valentine’s day that not enough people talk about is the way it emboldens weirdos into showing everyone how weird they are.
They see everyone else making public displays of affection and they think “I also need to make a public display with my weird brand of love since everyone else is”

And that’s okay. Live your best life y’all. Don’t let anyone else rain on your weird weird love parade.

But it’s not going to stop me from making fun of you anyway.

Machine Gun Kelly! He’s a lad who’s making big waves these days on a few different charts with My Ex’s Best Friend (stellar track). He’s been dating Megan Fox for a while now too. What a dang rockstar! He’s also a weirdo!

On Instagram this weekend Mr. Kelly made this post:

“My bloody Valentine” “I wear your blood around my neck”

Hey Kelly? What? Gross dude. Pulling a real Jennifer Anniston/Billy Bob Thorton here with the BLOOD NECKLACES. Just because there’s precedent for it doesn’t make it any less weird and gross.

The thing that makes this even worse is that I couldn’t find any confirmation one way or another that Megan Fox has a blood necklace too. Which means there’s a non-zero chance that she DOESN’T. Which would mean Kelly is just running around with a blood necklace but his girlfriend isn’t.

That would be a reality too scary to live in.