Majority of poll voters expect restrictions to continue

The results are in for the final Trending 55 Newsroom Poll of the Week for 2020.

The provincial government plans to reviews its public health restrictions on January 12, and we asked what you felt would happen.

An absolute majority of 62.7 percent of voters feel they will be extended past the that date with no changes.

20 percent of you feel the province will increase the regulations, and 17.3 expect that they will be relaxed.

For the first question of 2021, we are asking about international travel. With reports surfacing that various politicians in Alberta, and other provinces, have been vacationing in tropical destinations despite public health guidelines from Ottawa and the provinces recommending against any non-essential travel.

We want to know, should politicians be held accountable for taking international vacations during a pandemic, or is it okay because no laws were broken?

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– Kenny Trenton, Trending 55 Newsroom

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