Monster Monday: The Squeakquel

Another week, another kaiju movie. I have high hopes for this series, after being so pleasantly surprised by the first movie, I’m very interested to see the next 60 years of the franchise play out.

This week I watched Godzilla Raids Again (1955). A sequel that was pumped out just 6 months after the huge success of the original Godzilla. And boy howdy does it show.

The plot follows some fish pilots (pilots who fly around and point out schools of fish to boats) who accidentally find Godzilla battling it out with Angrius on some remote island. They warn the rest of the world, some plans are made, the plans don’t really work, and Godzilla and Angrius have a big battle in Osaka.
The movie should probably just end there, but instead it goes on for another FORTY MINUTES.
Godzilla kills Angrius, then shows up in Hokkaido and they kill him by causing an avalanche to bury him.

I’ll say right here at the top, this movie sucks. I couldn’t believe how boring this movie was when I was watching. I was constantly checking to see how much was left before it was over and the answer was always “too much”.

Whereas the first one also had it’s lulls, I knew those bits were boring just because it’s hard to relate to old-timey dialogue in any meaningful way and it moves much slower than today’s movies.
In GRA however, the movie is boring because it’s boring. The studio hired the director and simply said “make another one” and didn’t give it too much more thought.
Godzilla had some big ideas and themes to grapple with through the scope of a horrifying monster movie. GRA on the other hand, is exactly what you probably think of when you think “Monster movie”. Just some monsters messing stuff up. No thoughts to be provoked here, this is just a good ol’ fashioned action movie with really terrible special effects.

The characters are all painfully boring and don’t feel like lead rolls in an action movie. I don’t even understand why the movie follows them at all. They don’t actually impact the plot at all except in the first and last ten minutes of the film, and the rest of the time they’re just spectators to Godzilla doing his thing.

I would estimate about 10% of this movie actually needs to be in the movie. The rest is just filler. This movie could be 8 minutes long and it would be great.

Screw this movie! It sucks! Don’t watch it! I really hope next week’s movie is better!

Looking ahead I can see next week we’re looking at one of the highlights of the franchise though! King Kong vs Godzilla! Very excited to check that out since we enjoyed it’s spiritual successor just earlier this year. Guess we’ll see!