Movie Trailers Suck

Not all of them, but the majority of movie trailers suck. I don’t know if this is what the kids are qualifying as a “Hot take”, it’s more like a lukewarm to medium well take because I think a lot of people have already come to this conclusion.

I just think most trailers in the modern day have misinterpreted what the process is even for? My understanding was they’re supposed to show you enough of the movie to make you want to see more. It’s just an ad. And that’s super obvious but I think a lot of people have somehow disconnected movie trailers from advertisements.

Instead most trailers these days just show you the whole synopsis and that has the exact opposite of the intended effect because I just think “great now I don’t have to go see that one”

Real good example of that last point is A Wrinkle in Time

Kid’s movies often get this treatment for some reason. But they aren’t the only one.

The Martian did this too, and it cheeses me real bad

Warning: major spoilers in this trailer

All sense of tension is lost for the movie if you’ve seen this. All the problems it’s presenting are also solved within the same 3 minutes.

But not all trailers are bad. The good ones are the ones that are exciting and intriguing without giving too much away to the actual plot

This movie might have sucked but damn this is a good trailer. Shows you all the star actors (aka: Just Brian Cranston), shows you the premise without giving away the plot, builds tension. Makes you want to watch the movie right? (Don’t… but that’s a blog for another day)


Basically all my point is: I don’t like trailers because I’m never totally certain if I can trust them not to ruin a movie I was already going to see.