New roundabouts, bridge, and arch to be completed in Peace River by 2020

During the Peace River General Membership meeting on September 4th at the Sawridge Inn, multiple projects in Peace River received updates.

The 148 million dollar twinning bridge project has been proceeding smoothly, with little to no major issue. It is stated to be on its target budget, and will reach its scheduled completion in late October 2020.

Early October, girders for the bridge will be launching. The girders will be bending during the process.

“[The] large steel girders will actually bend a lot and that is by design. It is meant to happen. So people do not need to panic when they see these girders bending, they are not failing,” Ryan Konawalyk, the Regional Director of Alberta Transportation reassured.

The CN Archway is hoped to be completed before the end of 2019. The arch has been grouted in, and fully constructed. The MSE wall around the CN Archway is starting. Foundation preparation continues.

The outer ‘membrane’ of the arch is expected to be completed within the next six weeks.

Two new roundabouts were spoken about briefly during the conference as well. 98th street will be getting a new roundabout which will be usable by drivers in 2020.

“The new roundabouts that we put in place will be one at the bottom where the old intersection was and there’ll be one adjacent to the RCMP station. So, those roundabouts will allow traffic to more efficiently flow … from the north end to the south end of peace river and vice versa.” Konawalyk explained.

On 98th street, the MSE wall is 70% complete, and the secant wall has been completed.

-Ridley Reiser, Trending 55 Newsroom

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