PARENTS: Curing the ‘Mean Girl’ behaviour


Thought I’d share an interesting read from the University of Missouri.  There’s no doubt that bullying is a huge problem facing kids today.  It doesn’t matter if we live in Canada, or the United States.  The University of Missouri believe they’ve discovered an effective way of tackling the issue among teenage girls. The researchers were mainly dealing with the so-called “Mean Girls”-type bullying, or “relational aggression,” non-physical forms of bullying like gossip, spreading rumors, rejection and exclusion. They believe that this form of bullying can be reduced through an intervention-type program, they’ve dubbed Growing Interpersonal Relationships through Learning and Systemic Support (GIRLSS). Thirty girls between the ages of 12 and 15 took part in a ten-week program that included group counseling, role playing, journaling and weekly goal setting.

In addition, the girls’ caregivers attended workshops and had phone consultations, in which they were taught appropriate disciplinary responses to such bad behavior, as well as monitoring and supervision skills. Overall, the researchers found that at the end of the program, there was a decrease in such relational aggression.

As for boys, their bullying tends to be more overtly physical and easier to detect than the “relational aggression” for girls. It isn’t known whether such programs would work on them.  Source: Daily Mail

Thought Starters… Has your daughter ever been bullied by other girls? How did you handle it? Did you ever discipline your child for bullying? Did it stop them from doing it again? What is the worst case of bullying you’ve ever heard of in your kids’ school?