Peace River Celebrates Palliative Care This Week

Peace River — Palliative Care is taking the spotlight in Peace River this week.  This comes after Mayor Tom Tarpey announced that May 6th-11th will officially be known as Palliative Care week in the community.

“There’s a palliative care society in our community and they do a lot of good work. This is just to raise awareness of the palliative care society and that it’s a resource that can be relied on,”  Tarpey said.

The Peace Palliative Care Society was formed in 1989 by Miriam Gair,  a home-care worker at the time, who found that there was a need for more involvement with family and volunteers to achieve social and emotional support.

“Often times people don’t realize how much they need to lean on someone else when they suffer a death in the family, it’s a resource that people can turn to,” Tarpey explains, “The People who work at the Palliative Care Society have gone through the trauma of losing someone so they have a sense of what you need to help you get through the loss of a family member or close friend,”

The society’s website says that they offer a plethora of services to families, including consumable supplies and equipment, consultations with health care professionals, and, perhaps the most important of all, compassionate support.

This week will specifically focus on busting the myths that are typically associated with accessibility and palliative care.

“A myth that I expressed is that there is nowhere to turn to when you are in the depths of a tragedy [when there is in fact] resources that people can turn to,” Tarpey says.

For more information on the Peace Palliative Care Society, visit their website at

–Preston Hodgkinson, Trending 55 Newsroom





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