Permanent Daytime

I absolutely love where I live. It’s so beautiful here. As far as the scenery goes, I pretty much have no complaints. Pretty much. I’ve just got one. During the summer here, it seems that there’s really no “night time.” I’m serious, I was driving last night, and watching the sunset, and within an hour of the glow of the sun going down finally leaving the sky, on the other side of the sky it’s starting to rise again.

It makes getting a good night’s sleep very hard in the Summer without full on blackout curtains, especially if you’re like me, and you have trouble falling asleep any time before 1AM. As the season continues, and the days get shorter, it always winds up making me so happy if I can finally fall asleep before the sky brightens in the “morning,” because around this time it feels like we’re basically stuck in permanent daytime.