Pirates don’t sound like that…

Today is Talk like a Pirate day! A staple in every radio host’s calendar, and a joke committed to for exactly 30 seconds before moving onto the next thing.

But you know what’s crazy? Apparently pirates never actually talked that way. Which makes sense, because why would these salty sea dogs have a different manner of speaking than other people of the era?

No there’s no historical evidence to how pirates talk, which means the most likely conclusion is they just had normal English accents, since they were… y’know, predominantly from England.

The reason we have the crazy pirate accent is because of the early Disney productions of treasure island and Blackbeard the Pirate. both movies featured Robert Newton as the lead pirate, and in both movies he adopted the silly “ARR SHIVER ME TIMBERS” voice. Pop culture has never been the same.

So today you learned!

One more fun fact: Pirates invented guacamole! Kinda. Invented is a strong word, what I really mean is a pirate named William Dampier was the first person to write down a recipe for guac in english. Thanks for that Mr. Dampier!