Poe’s law and weird conspiracy theories

Lately I’ve been doing some reading and enjoying diving down the weird weird rabbit hole of conspiracy theories. I’m not sure if there’s a name for this particular brand of fun but it’s a complicated feeling. I don’t read about conspiracy theories because I think they’re valuable, but I also don’t go looking at them for stuff to make fun of. It’s somewhere in the middle of the two where it’s just kinda interesting to read and see how some strange people perceive the world.

I want to talk about a really weird conspiracy theory I found this weekend. I have no way of knowing if the author was being serious or not but it’s fun to humour the idea so lets assume they aren’t.

There is no such thing as a forest. And mountains are actually the fossilized remains of ancient trees. 


Why tho?

I did some digging on this one and I found basically just one really long video about it  which you can watch here (It’s really long and mostly boring) and other than that I mostly just found people referencing it when talking about other conspiracy theories.

The whole theory is just that mountains are actually the remains of ancient trees which were once 40 miles tall and 2 miles across. The evidence for which seems to be based on a few pics of mountains that kinda look like tree stumps. Why this explanation makes more sense than just like… trees being trees and rocks being rocks I don’t think I’ll ever understand but the idea made me smile.

Here’s a fact check in case you feel like you really need one. *just in case*