Police Body Cams

Are Police Body Cams a good idea?
There’s evidence that use of body-worn cameras by police reduces both complaints against police and the use of force by officers.

The cameras have  been publicly recommended after high-profile incidents in which police shot to death teenagers in Toronto and in Ferguson last year.

Some police forces in Canada have already tested or are testing the technology, including in Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto.

However, they are being flagged by the Privacy Commission.
Use of these cams means that they capture lots of video and audio with members of the public… and the use of it must comply with the Canadian Privacy Laws.

Recommendations include:

– Requiring officers to make a short statement that they are wearing the device, or wear a prominent pin or sticker to notify the public of the camera during encounters.

– Safeguarding the recordings with encryption and restricted access, and by deleting the data after a certain length of time.

– Blurring the faces of bystanders when images are shared with the public for the purpose of identifying someone.

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