Procrastination of the worst kind

So I’ve got a vacation coming up starting tomorrow after work. I’m going to be heading to Prince Rupert, and having a great time with my family for a week, but I’ve got a bit of a problem. See I’m the kind of person who just straight up never packs for anything until the very last minute. Normally that’s not so much of an issue for me, because even though I do always forget something, it’s usually only a day or so that I’m gone for, but this is a whole week.

So… I’ve spent the past 48 hours stressed out and freaking out because I need to make sure I bring all my essentials with me, while at the same time totally not packing a single thing yet. I’m sure I’ll be okay, which is why I haven’t worried about getting packed, but at the same time I can’t help but at least worry a little, you know?

One of these days I’ll finally smarten up, and get things packed at least a few days in advance, but not today. In fact, I’m probably not even going to pack tonight either.