Province appealing federal ‘no more pipelines’ bill

Premier Jason Kenney is getting ready for another dance with the federal government.

Kenney was joined by Justice Minister and Solicitor General Kaycee Madu to announce the Alberta is challenging Bill C-69.

The bill, which is commonly referred as the “no more pipelines” bill is a reform of the National Energy Board and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.

Kenney pointed to a section of the constitution that says provinces have jurisdiction on natural resource development (section 92(a)).

Many argue that the bill makes new pipeline projects much more difficult to approve.

“I want to thank nine of the Canadian provinces for having supported Alberta’s leadership in fighting Bill C-69 when it was before parliament,” says Kenney.

He also thanked those that intervened along with the province, including the Woodland Cree First Nation.

The Trending 55 Newsroom was able to ask Kenney and Madu a question about the timeline of the constitutional challenge and the premier indicated it could take half a year.

“I think we anticipate about six months before the Alberta Appeals Court would render its judgement – that’s about how much time it took on our carbon tax reference last year, states Kenney.

The highest appeals court in Alberta sided with the province 4-1 on the carbon tax and it is currently being appealed in Canada’s highest court.

Madu answered that question stating he expects the Supreme Court of Canada to render its decision in March on whether the federal carbon tax is unconstitutional or not.

– Kenny Trenton, Trending 55 Newsroom

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