Shark Week Preview!

Shark Week is in full swing.  Here are some of the programs you can expect to see:

Air Jaws: Fins of Fury
It features flying sharks who leap out of the ocean to capture unsuspecting prey above the water.
You may have thought that was just a movie thing… but it’s actually real!
In this year’s special, they have some new high-tech cameras and underwater gadgets to try and find the missing “mega-shark” dubbed Colossus… which was first introduced to viewers during Shark Week a couple years ago.

Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine
This special covers a legend of a massive great white shark — nicknamed “Submarine” — that is responsible for a series of fatal shark attacks off the coast of South Africa.
It’s said to be nine metres long… which would make Submarine the largest great white shark ever.
One problem: nobody has ever been able to prove Submarine actually exists.
Check out the two-hour special on a team of experts hunting for this mythical beast.

Shark After Dark
Josh Wolf returns for his 2nd year hosting the only late-night talk show devoted to sharks.
Expect plenty of surprises and celebrity guests, as well as visits from shark experts, shark-attack survivors and more.
Celebrities booked so far include Chelsea Handler, Ashley Tisdale, and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Jaws Strikes Back
A marine biologist and his shark-cam team head to some remote Pacific islands… where some of the planet’s largest great whites exist.
Their mission: to film an epic clash of the underwater titans in this one-hour special that follows massive great white sharks hunting two-ton “mega seals” — who aren’t exactly the easiest of prey.
I can guess who wins though!

Monster Hammerhead
For the past 60 years, reports continue to surface of a 7.5-metre hammerhead shark hunting up and down the Florida coast. In this one-hour special, a team of scientists and anglers delve deep into the mystery to find out once and for all if this legendary hammerhead is actually real.

Alien Shark: Return to the Abyss
A shark researcher journeys to the Indian ocean in this one-hour special to probe deep beneath the waves in search of the world’s last known group of glow-in-the-dark sharks.

Zombie Sharks
It’s like ‘The Walking Dead’… with fins!  Didn’t know these things existed! These sharks are infected with a condition known as tonic immobility. They appear to be catatonic, swimming along in a zombie-like state.
In this one-hour special, a professional scuba diver investigates a controversial theory that Orca whales have learned how to immobilize great white sharks in order to prey on them…
and he attempts to be the first human to induce tonic immobility in a shark.

Spawn of Jaws 2: The Birth
Last year, a marine biologist was able to tag a pregnant female shark.
Now, he’s returning to the ocean in order to track its journey and capture the birth of a great white shark on camera… while also solving one of the greatest mysteries in shark science: the location of the great white pupping grounds.

I Escaped Jaws 2
This sequel to last year’s ‘I Escaped Jaws’ special brings more footage of horrifying shark attacks, as well as first-hand accounts from those who survived.

A Hawaiian surfing legend investigates a recent spike in shark attacks that have turned the coasts of Hawaii into a shark hotspot.
With his in-depth knowledge of these waters… he hopes to figure out the reason for this recent phenomenon.

Sharknado & Sharknado 2: The Second One
To cap off Shark Week, enjoy back-to-back viewings of the crazy implausible ‘Sharknado’ and this year’s sequel.
In the 2nd one it’s the fine folks of New York who get to battle an airborne horde of flying sharks lifted from the sea by a tornado and deposited in the streets.
Will you be watching any of Shark Week? Are you a fan? Or will you be staying far away from it?