Should they change the And rule?

Wheel of fortune came under fire the other day when a contestant lost out on a prize for adding a word to his answer. The puzzle was a crossword, with four words. Those four words being Sole, Flounder, Cod, and Catfish. When the contestant said that though, he was told “Sorry, that’s wrong” because he used the word “and.” I understand, you’re supposed to not add anything to the puzzle, and you can’t change it or add any words, but I don’t believe that’s what he did. He gave a list of the four words in the puzzle, and what do you do when you list off a few things? You say the word “and” before the final one (whether or not you put a comma before that “and” is up to your personal opinions on the oxford comma, and we ain’t getting into that here).

I personally can’t see a valid reason for them to keep this rule anymore. Or at the very least they should offer exceptions. When someone obviously is just making a list of words and puts “and” before the last one, the “and” is not a part of that list. If it was, you would have two ands, eg: sole, flounder, cod, and, and catfish. The two ands in this example are even pronounced differently. Maybe when you read it out loud, you’d just say the letter N, maybe nd, maybe and but with different emphasis, but the point is that the word “and” exists irrespective of the list. It’s just there to denote that the list is coming to an end, and I see it more as a piece of punctuation, not a word.

I’m just one guy, and of course Wheel of Fortune can keep its archaic rules as much as it wants, but this just feels like cheating someone out of tons of money, just because they managed to get him on a technicality, and that’s not an entertaining way for a game show to end in my opinion.