Donny Truscott

Donny grew up in Fort St. John, so he’s been in the Peace Region his whole life. A bit of a nerd, Donny is always very interested in science and technology, so expect him to talk about those kinds of things on his show. He’s also always been a bit of a music and theater geek, having played the piano and been in plays and musicals from a young age.

Does Venus have life?

So Astronomers have detected a gas on Venus which they don’t yet have an explanation as to how it could have gotten there. Which is interesting because it suggests the possibility that there might be organic life

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Being Told You Don’t Matter

Lately I’ve gotten the feeling that websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube don’t actually care about the people who use the site. I mean, I probably should have figured that out decades ago. They’re more interested in

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National Middle Child Day

That’s the name of today. What makes a child a “Middle Child” though. Most famlies don’t have too many kids, so if there’s 3, then the middle would be the second. But what about if you have

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Should we wear masks?

Earlier today, the Trending-55 newsroom had an interview regarding masks in public spaces. You can find the link to that interview here. It was an interesting interview. The city had received a petition with a thousand signatures

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More than a pet peeve

You see this person every single work day. They greet you when you walk in. “hey.” you respond “hi.” they ask “how’s it going?” you reply “I’m good, you?” they say “I’m good” you say “good.” and

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Am I not a Gemini?

So there’s a story making the rounds that NASA has changed the Zodiac, adding a 13th sign, and now people are all being assigned new star signs. Which… Okay there’s a lot to unpack here. First of

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