Today’s Smash Direct… Was it worth it?

A few days ago, we learned that we’d be getting Smash info today, and well we’ve got the info, and I have to ask… Did anyone want this? So far every character revealed for the DLC has been a massive event for fans of those series. It’s been characters that everyone has been wanting for years, but with no representation in the current roster. So far every major Fire Emblem game from the last ten years has had its protagonist appear as a playable fighter in Smash. Having Byleth as a fighter is neat, but we all expected this. Even big Fire Emblem fans knew the character would eventually get in.

All in all, I ended the reveal just feeling… disappointed. They made the character look really cool and fun to play. They made the character fight differently to every other FE Character, but was it enough? I’ve seen a lot of reactions online, and there’s either people who are upset, people who are disappointed, people who don’t care either way, and people who are mad that anyone is upset about it. So far I haven’t really seen anyone saying that this was the character they were hoping for, and the most excitement I’ve seen is people excited that they’re not just another swordfighter. Personally I haven’t picked up Smash in quite a few months, and this announcement hasn’t made me feel like I needed to boot it up again right away. Luckily there’s 6 more fighters coming, so there’s lots of hope for a lot of people still.

If you’re someone who saw this announcement and got really excited and happy, that’s awesome. I just wish I could feel the same as you.