They’re FIXING the Sonic movie!

Yeah you read that right. This is a first for Hollywood. Actually changing a movie after it’s already been worked on for a long time. I mean it’s totally necessary since everyone was basically saying they’d never watch the movie with the old design, but usually the people making the movies think they know better than the fans what the fans want. Personally I’m a huge fan of movie makers taking fan suggestion into account, and I think this kind of thing should become more common, although I don’t think that it should always be the case, because if that were what happened with Detective Pikachu, we’d never have that amazing movie. This was a pretty unanimous hatred though, so it’s good.

Actually speaking of that, it was pretty unanimous. And now that they’ve said they’re changing the design, people are really happy with the studio… There’s a bit of a conspiracy theory going around that they knew exactly what they were doing, and this is all just a press stunt. I don’t agree at all because of how much work it’s clear went into all the scenes with the old Sonic design, but if people want to use that theory to be cynical about every good thing happening in the movie industry, I guess who am I to deny them that?