Last week as I was driving past one of the schools here in beautiful Peace River I spotted some kids playing Spikeball out on the field. There was a couple different nets out so it looks like it was maybe a whole class participating in a gym unit or something like that.
This was very exciting to see. I love spikeball so seeing some kids learn to play at school is cool by me!

If you’ve never heard of spikeball, you’re not alone. It’s a relatively new game/sport, but it has a surprisingly big  scene! You can find tournaments in lots of major cities. (Although I guess that shouldn’t be surprising considering competitive TAG is also a thing eh?)

The short explanation is: It’s like volleyball, but instead of hitting a ball over a net, you hit it onto a little trampoline.
There are some other rules too but that’s all you gotta know until you actually try playing it.

Watch this video of high level players!

I know this video just shows a buncha dudes but I swear the actual scene is more diverse. Teams can be co-ed which I think is really cool.

One interesting thing about Spikeball is how there are no “sides”. Players start in a set position, but once the ball is in play, you can move anywhere you want! So movement gets really crazy. Move those feet!
You’re also allowed to use any body part (as you saw in that video) so you can get creative with plays.

I’ve only had the chance to play Spikeball a couple times, and I sucked at it. But I had fun the whole time. Highly recommend you try it out for yourself.

– Robert Hill