SPOILERS | Riverdale: The Big Reveal

So if you haven’t watched this season’s penultimate episode of Riverdale and you hate spoilers: STOP READING THIS NOW!

The May 4th episode of Riverdale finally revealed Jason Blossom’s killer: Clifford Blossom!

We learn that F.P. did play a part in the disposal of the body and cover up of the murder, so he’s not out of the woods yet with a whole other list of crimes being held against him. But we do know he didn’t pull the trigger, and the reason he confessed to the murder was because Clifford threatened to harm Jughead (Please, nobody ever hurt Jughead).

Joaquin, Kevin’s smokin’ hot Serpent boyfriend, also admitted to playing a part and he helped because he assumed that F.P. had killed Jason.  But he also shared that there was evidence hidden in the lining of Jason’s varsity jacket; a USB stick containing security footage from the basement of the White Worm.

Once Archie and the gang watched the video which reveals Jason tied to a chair being tormented by the Serpent Mustang before being killed by his father, Betty warns Cheryl and they bring the evidence to the police.

So here is where I begin to share my thoughts:

F.P’s whole arrest/confession was far too anti climactic to be real and I always thought Clifford was super shady so I wasn’t really surprised. I did however, really like the way they included the Serpents because the whole time you suspect it was them who killed Jason and then it’s like…”cloooose but not quiiiite”.

Betty called Cheryl to warn to her and she WASN’T EVEN PHASED. She shed a few tears, but overall, she was pretty chill. She went downstairs to where her parents were eating and she said, “Daddy, you did a bad thing and now everyone knows”. Later when the police came to arrest Clifford, Penelope and Cheryl just casually point them towards the barn where the cops find Clifford hanging. His wife and daughter, totally aloof about the situation. If you read the interview linked at the bottom of this post, it has a pretty interesting answer to the whole suicide situation. It’s also revealed that Clifford was dealing drugs; when the police open the barn to broken barrels of maple syrup containing bags of drugs. Likely what they kept referring to when they said that Jason “didn’t have the stomach for the family business”.

Overall, I really liked the episode. The whole plot line this season has been pretty cleverly written. The Blossom’s are deranged. And I’m gonna miss Joaquin, he’s hot.

What’s next? Well you’d have expected this episode to be the finale but apparently the finale will begin to answer the “why?” and exposed whole new secrets.

I would highly recommend that you read this interview with show producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa,