Staying Positive Amid Crisis

Lately it’s been hard for lots of people to stay happy through all of what’s been happening, so I thought it might help to share the things that I do to stay as positive as I can.

First thing for sure is making sure you take time to tune completely out of what’s happening every once in a while, and just take care of yourself. For me, that’s the weekends, I take that time to do the things I’ve been unable to do all week, such as cleaning at home, or even just relaxing for several hours and doing what I love to do. It’s also important to focus on what you CAN do, versus what you’re upset that you can’t do. You can’t find a vaccine for the virus, but you can certainly make masks at home and give them out, or bake bread for your neighbours, or do several things to make things better in your immediate vicinity.

Finally, understand that making an angry post on Facebook or Twitter isn’t going to change anything, and all you’re going to wind up doing is making yourself upset by seeing what other people are saying, and working yourself into a tizzy because someone doesn’t agree with your obviously correct opinion. Sometimes it feels good to say something really relevant and feel morally superior to those around you, but if you want to change people’s minds you have to do it at the personal level, one-to-one with family and friends, which can be exhausting. If you want to make real change, there are also organizations you can donate to, or volunteer your time at, and there’s phone numbers you can call, and political leaders you can send mail to.

Don’t feel bad for needing some personal time to rest and heal your mind. It doesn’t make you a bad person, or whatever some people have been saying. Your mental health is important, and besides, you can be a lot more effective with everything you do, if you’ve got a clear head going into it.