Summer Is Here But Is It The Best?

With the summer solstice happening recently we are now officially in summer! So, I thought it would only be fitting if I talked about it. Well, more specifically ask if anyone even likes summer. There are four seasons but which one is the best? Is it in fact summer?

My favourite season is winter which is the exact opposite of what we are experiencing now. I got a couple of reasons that I think are very good. In winter everything is frozen including those pesky mosquitos that always bother me in other seasons. I also have allergies and when everything is frozen over it means that I don’t really have to deal with that which is a win. I know that winter tends to be an unpopular opinion but that’s why I thought I would do this poll to find out.

In River Country, Summer took the lead at 56% followed by fall at 33% and winter at 10%. This is pretty much what I expected. It is awesome that we are now finally in your guy’s favourite season. There was a lot more love for fall than I thought.

Over on KIX FM, fall took the lead at 50% of the vote. Followed by summer at 30%, and spring and winter at 10%. This was surprising. Turns out fall has a lot more fans than I thought.

Admittedly it is pretty cool though. It is one of the few seasons where you can wear jackets in summer it’s too hot, and in winter you gotta wear something pretty heavy, fall is a nice middle ground. Then once you are outside you get to appreciate how colourful the world becomes with the reds, oranges, and yellows, of the fall leaves. It’s great!

It turns out that there was a lot more love for fall than I was expecting. summer of course got a lot of votes but still not as many for winter as I had hoped. I do understand it though because that is the season we experience most of here so it is always nice when the other seasons come in and break it up…sometimes.

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You can answer today’s question here: on KIX FM or on RIVER COUNTRY

-Jared Gomes