Taking a million dollar gamble and failing

I want to tell you about a little website called Mixer. It’s a streaming website, similar to Twitch. It was bought out by Microsoft a few years back because they’d seen how much money Twitch was making, and wanted a slice of that money pie. You see it all the time on the internet. A website starts getting popular, and then they get bought out by a bigger company for a ton of money, and that bigger company has no idea how to actually run it, and they wind up losing a ton of money.

Case-in-point, Mixer, and Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja. Now, Ninja had been pretty prevalent in the esports scene for a while before he ever started streaming, and when he did, it didn’t take long for him to get a reasonable following. Once Fortnite came out, everything changed for him. Soon he had amassed millions of followers on Twitch, and Microsoft saw that as a way to grow their own streaming platform. Reportedly, they offered him at least 20 million dollars to start streaming exclusively on their platform, and obviously he took the deal. The idea being that if Ninja moved to a different platform, so would his audience, but that didn’t wind up completely being the case. Ninja wasn’t the only streamer that got bought out either, but just the biggest name. After this, Facebook also offered millions of dollars to have Ninja move to their platform instead, and Ninja told Microsoft they’d have to double Facebook’s offer if they wanted to keep him.

Well months later, it looks like Mixer wasn’t doing as well as Microsoft had hoped, and they just announced the other day that Mixer is officially shutting down now. So out of all this, Ninja made millions of dollars, and Microsoft lost it all in a gamble, simply because they made some poorly-informed business decisions. For myself, I’m just going to keep streaming on my personal Twitch account, and if any corporations try to buy me out, I’ll be sure to ask for the money up front.