Thanksgiving with the Boys

Moments like yesterday are EXACTLY why I’ve always been excited to become a father, or at the very least, an uncle. The day started off pretty normally; I got up, fueled my car, and got on the road to go see my family for Thanksgiving. The drive was largely uneventful, which is a good thing, but I really didn’t have much to talk about once I got to my sister’s place. I thought it was cool that despite the fact that I’d slept in, I still made it there before anyone else, but knowing my family, that’s really not a surprise.

My sister Danielle was the next to show up, and her kids were as rambunctious as I remember, but Remmy was actually talking, which I didn’t expect! And James kept telling me constantly how he missed me so much, and it’d been so long since he’d seen me, and he hoped he got to see me again soon because again, he missed me so much. It was by far the most flattering moment of my life. He told me that no less than 5 times that night, and he made it pretty clear how much he loved and missed me because he wanted so badly to be able to spend every moment of the night with me.

He immediately pulled me away from everyone else once we were in the house so that I could read a book to him, and once that was done, he wanted to ask a bunch of questions about the book, and throughout supper, he was pretty much constantly trying to get my attention to tell me a joke, show me a funny face, or just interact with me in any way at all. Again, super flattering, and I was just so happy.

I think the hardest part of the night for everyone was saying goodbye, and having James ask if he could see me tomorrow. “Probably not until Christmas, dude.” “Oh.” And then he gave me a massive hug. The nice thing about where I’m at in life right now is that I finally have my weekends back, so I might be able to swing a Fort St. John trip at some point in the between-now-and-Christmas-future, so maybe it won’t be that long. All in all, this weekend was a pretty great reminder of two things.

1: I am loved and people care about and miss me. Sometimes I forget this, so it’s really nice to get that reminder.

2: I’m GREAT with kids, and I’d make an awesome dad.