The Duality of Man

You know, when people first started to realize they’d have to quarantine for a bit, back in February/March, I think we were all a bit optimistic that it might be able to be a good thing for us, you know? Take some time for ourselves, really do stuff we’d been putting off for years, learn a new skill, get a new hobby, all of that stuff. At first, I saw a ton of people posting screenshots and gameplay from Animal Crossing, which was a game which is somewhat of an escapist fantasy. You just settle on a desert island with a couple other people, and there’s no society, and there’s no obligations, and you just… live. What a peaceful and enjoyable existence it was going to be.

It’s now been over 6 months, and now you almost never see anything about Animal Crossing anywhere. Instead what seems to be the main game on most people’s minds is Among Us. Now Animal Crossing is a game which definitely reflects the way we were feeling at the start of quarantine, and Among Us reflects the way I think most people feel about quarantine now. You’re a crewmate trapped on a ship. There’s nothing to do besides your monotonous tasks. The people around us can’t be trusted, and you never know when you might find a dead body. The point of the game is to either complete all the tasks as a collective, or to suss out who the imposters might be, and throw them off the ship.

I’m sure for a lot of people, the day’s chores have started to turn into monotonous tasks constantly taking our attention away. I’m sure if you’ve been stuck in a house with just a few people close to you for months on end, you’re about ready to just throw them out a window at this point. We were all so hopeful that things could be positive, but I think social distancing and quarantine has really started to have its toll on people. Don’t get me wrong, the game is a ton of fun, I just think it’s hilarious how the most popular game of the time changed from “the cute game about doing nothing while living away from society on a deserted island with your animal friends,” to “the game about doing monotonous tasks while trapped on a ship with people who may or may not be out to get you.” 2020, am I right?