The Reason I Answer Phone Calls

So I got a call from my internet provider the other day. Of course as per usual, they had one specific goal in mind when they called. They wanted to get me to get a TV plan. This time was different though. Instead of just telling the guy from the beginning that I wasn’t interested, I decided to hear him out, and the plan seemed reasonable. A 40 dollar plan, cut down to 20 dollars, and 20 taken off my internet, so essentially it would be free.

Except he was cutting the 20 off what my plan SHOULD be, which ended up with me supposed to pay 10 dollars more than I’m paying now. I told him this and he said “oh, that’s very clever, you’re right, I didn’t even realize that.” So after a few more back-and-forths of him telling me some kind of awesome plan, and me telling him that I didn’t want to pay for it, I just asked him outright, “what can I get out of a TV plan that I can’t get off the internet?”

He seemed a little taken aback from this question, and at the end of the day, he couldn’t really come up with an answer. So I told him “Look, you’re great at your job, but I’m just really not the customer for you, because I’ve gone 7 years without a TV plan now, and I’m going to be perfectly happy to never have one again.” After a pause, he decided to completely shift gears and said “alright, I won’t talk about the TV anymore, we won’t even think about that. But let’s talk about your internet.”

By the end of the call, I was given a new internet plan which has almost double the up and down speeds, and a much higher data limit. And all for about 5 dollars a month less than I was already paying. At this point I feel like I have bamboozled my internet company, but I’m more than okay with it. And this is why I always answer phone calls from companies like that. I may just wind up with a better plan than I’ve already got.