The Right Place at the Right Time

You may not have heard of him until just this week, but Doctor Mike has been in the news recently.

Normally when someone is in the news, it’s because of something bad, but this is a very good thing that happened. He was on a flight to Israel to do work for a non-profit charity, when all of a sudden, the flight attendant’s voice comes up and asks if there’s a doctor on board the plane. He stands up, and heads over to help administer Epinephrine to a man who is suffering from anaphylaxis.

After all was said and done, the man survived, and Doctor Mike did a wonderful job. This would be a heartwarming story already, but it’s even more so because Mike has a YouTube channel, and is fairly well-known to a very large audience. It always means more when the awesome thing you hear in the news is about somebody you know. After various news outlets talked about it, he decided to do a story time styled video, where he talked about everything that happened. You can check that out right here.