The ultimate Thanksgiving head to head showdown

This week I ran a very silly tournament bracket on the Kix Facebook page where listeners could vote on the choice they personally liked more so we couild determine the best thanksgiving food by process of democracy. These were the results



Tuesday: on tuesday we started it off with Turkey vs Potatoes with gravy. I figured potatoes wouldn’t be able to take down the turkey titan so I gave them a helping hand by adding the gravy. This apparently worked quite well, because in the final minutes of the vote, it was 45 votes to 45 votes. It came down to Donny to cast the deciding ballot. He determined that potatoes n’ gravy deserves to advance to the finals and thus the Thanksgiving classic item was kicked in round 1

Wednesday: On Wednesday it was Ham vs Stuffing. Some people ave said this was an unfair match to seed, but I say: Hey what else am I supposed to stick up against stuffing? There’s like 3 good thanksgiving foods, and then everything else is either A: Bread or B: crappy casserole. I dislike casseroles so I went with this. It went as you would expect, with the end result being 66% stuffing and 34% Ham. Not a shocker, but almost twice as many people voted in this one, meaning ham still managed to get more votes than turkey. R.i.p.

Thursday: The grand finals. The creamy mashed underdogs who took down the turkey titan vs the seemingly unstoppable carb-based herby mixture we know and love as stuffing. I didn’t know how this one was going to go, on  one hand the potatoes has somehow managed to beat my #1 seed for the tournament, but on the other the stuffing had clinched their victory so dominantly. In the end it was another extremely decisive victory for the stuffing, meaning it is forever crowned the King of thanksgiving. I expect the president to start pardoning stuffing annually in order to properly represent the tier list of thanksgiving foods.

Huge congrats to stuffing for taking it home. Thanks to everyone who voted. Have a great Thanksgiving y’all 🙂