The worst meal I’ve ever eaten

To set the stage for this disaster of a meal, I need to first explain that my brother has celiac disease, which means that gluten completely destroys his body. At the time this meal happened, he had only just recently learned this, so making gluten-free food was a very new concept for my family. So it’s my brother’s birthday, and he wants the same thing he has every year: Spaghetti and meatballs, with Angel Food Cake for desert.

Here’s the thing about gluten-free pasta, it’s really temperamental, and extremely difficult to get right. My parents were not aware of this fact. Long story short, what we ended up with was more of a… pasta puddle. The sauce and meatballs were amazing, but there was only a small amount of spaghetti that hadn’t just congealed together and become a disgusting amalgamation.

So supper was a bust. But hey, at least we had a delicious Angel Food Cake for desser- oh no, that was ruined too wasn’t it?

My little sister decided to double the recipe, except after realizing she didn’t have enough ingredients for double, she went back to single. Except she forgot to un-double one ingredient. The water. So we got a cake that had pretty much all fallen to the bottom of the pan and solidified there, while the rest of the cake was about as light as air and tasted like gelatin and nothing else. So not only did we not get a good meal, we also didn’t get a good dessert. Luckily the salad was amazing, since my brother’s wife made it, and she’s a professional chef, but hoo boy, that was a terrible meal.

(Also we didn’t take any pictures of the meal, and it’s literally impossible to find pictures of ruined food on Google, so here’s a picture of me looking upset. Just imagine that this is what I looked like through that whole meal.)