Top Vacay Spots of 2015

If you’re looking to plan a vacation for the winter, spring, or even next summer…
Here are the top spots to visit in 2015… according to

10. Morocco
A country filled with Surf Beaches, Mountain Valleys, and Palm Groves.
And of course there’s the famous culture.

9. St. Lucia
An island hot spot with Emerald Mountains & Golden Beaches.
Rainforests, Diving & Snorkeling, Swimming with Dolphins, Sea Turtles & Iguanas, and even a drive-in Volcano.

8. The Philippines
A beautiful hot spot. Coral Reefs, White Sands, Palm Trees.
An amazing hidden gem of paradise.
And of course there’s the food, festivals, and culture.

7. Serbia
One of Europe’s best kept secrets.
Very Affordable place to travel and see all that Eastern Europe culture.
Medieval Fortresses, Amazing Skiing, Spas, River Rafting, and more.

6. Republic of Congo
If you want wild… you want The Congo.
National Parks, Jungle, and all kinds of wildlife.

5. Ireland
An incredibly scenic vacation spot. You can take the Wild Atlantic Way… a 2500km drive that snakes its way around the entire Western Seaboard.
And than of course there’s the whiskey, music, and dancing.

4. Nicaragua
Caribbean Islands, Great Food, and 5 star resorts.
It’s quickly becoming a must see.

3. Lithuania
As of January 1st Lithuania will no longer be part of the Soviet Republic… but instead a full fledged European Country.
Part of it’s draw are the beaches. You can visit Europe’s largest moving sand dunes.

2. Namibia
The African Country turns 25 this year.
Habitat’s around the rest of Africa may be depleting… but Namibia’s conservation is in full force.
If you want a real life Safari… this is the place to go.

1. Singapore
Celebrating it’s Golden Jubilee… 50 years since Independence.
You’ll get a cultural city experience.
Heritage Buildings, Shopping Malls, Art Galleries, and loads of entertainment.