Town of High Prairie looking to study water system

The town of High Prairie is considering applying for 2019-20 Alberta Community Partnership Grant, a $200,000 grant. The Town is considering the grant so they can pay for a full study of their water system.

“We’re applying for a grant to sort of do a Regional Water Master Plan.” High Prairie Mayor Brian Panasuik said. “You know, everything within the town and what we would have to do because we’re getting more requests to go out into the county and the surrounding counties. What we would have to do to make sure we can supply the town with water, but also, you know, look at being able to help our neighbors and help them with their water also.”

The plan is stated to determine the future needs of the town’s water system, and the study will include rural co-ops, so before getting the grant, High Prairie must have Big Lakes County approve.

Council agreed that if they didn’t get the grant, that they would not pay for a full study, and instead go with a more moderate study.

-Ridley Reiser, Trending 55 Newsroom