Two teenagers facing multiple charges following vandalism of homes, businesses, vehicles and churches in Fairview

Two 17-year-olds will be in court after a string of vandalism in Fairview.

The Fairview RCMP got reports of at least 26 separates incidents that happened mostly overnight between June 5 and 7.

These incidents, primarily in the form of spray painting, involved: the arena, the fine arts building, the elementary School, the mall, Boyts Home Hard Store, eight personal residences, and two churches. The estimated damages to the properties are valued at over $30,000.

Staff Sargent, Greg Beach says tips from the community played a big role in helping solve the case.

“This is an example of how the Fairview RCMP, along with community members and businesses have come together to help each other during a difficult time,” says Beach in a statement.

 “If it were not for tips from the public, these investigations may never have been solved. The Fairview RCMP appreciates the support we receive from the communities we police. Thank you.”

The suspects also targeted 17 personal vehicles, having put cough syrup in a fuel tank, causing over $5,000 in damages. A local auto body shop in Fairview donated their services at no cost to remove the graffiti for the victims of the motor vehicles damaged by the vandalism. The local detachment was advised that Classic Collision was able to repair the graffiti on over 10 of the damaged personal vehicles and several of the commercial buildings at no cost to the victims.

The two teenagers from Fairview are facing 26 counts of Mischief over $5,000 and will be in court on September 9.

– Kenny Trenton, Trending 55 Newsroom