Veggietales! or… Fruit Tales?

I used to watch Veggietales all the time as a kid. It was one of my favourite shows, and I could have sang any of the Silly Songs With Larry by memory anytime. Recently I was rewatching some of them on Youtube, and I got thinking “wait a second… Isn’t a tomato a fruit?” And upon looking into it further, nearly every character in Veggietales are fruits. Gourds and cucumbers? Fruits. Blueberries and grapes? Fruits. Technically berries. The French Peas? They’re the seed from a fruit. Pretty much the only main characters that actually are vegetables are the asparagus and carrot characters.

I mean okay. Most of those “fruits” are culinarily used as vegetables, but come on… Grapes? I don’t think anyone gets confused when they hear that grapes are a fruit, even though maybe they do when they hear that pumpkins and cucumbers are. So then I got to thinking. Maybe it’s similar to Spongebob. Not all characters are “fish,” some are plankton, some are mammals, some are crustaceans. They’re more like… “sea creatures and also there’s a squirrel.”

Maybe there’s something similar going on here. It’s not “vegetables” in the sense of botanic vegetables, or even culinary vegetables. What if it’s more of a classification of “Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral.” At the very least we can agree that all the characters (minus the computer Qwerty) are plants, and thus “vegetable” in that sense. Either way, it’s not like it really matters. It’s a silly show for people who “like to talk to tomatoes, and waltz with potatoes up and down the produce aisle.” Knowing that most of the characters aren’t technically vegetables, or that by a different definition, they are, it doesn’t make the show any more or less enjoyable to watch. Sometimes it’s just nice to focus on something silly and fun for a change