Want to feed your ex to some kind of reptile or amphiban?

Of course you do! That’s what they get for being a mean/bad/not very nice person to you!

And as we all know: Pettiness is next to happiness! Which is then adjacent to other things I’m sure.

Which is why you should check out this fun project from the San Antonio Zoo in Texas. For just $5 USD you can ask them to name a cockroach after your ex, and then that cockroach will eventually be fed to one of the zoo animals who like that kinda snack. Birds, reptiles, etc. You don’t even have to live in Texas to do it! They’re going to livestream the feeding for all to see and enjoy (don’t worry they’ll only show first names on the stream).

For $20 USD you can upgrade your smoldering, icy hot rage to a rat! That rat will also be fed to one of the zoo’s many inhabitants. A snake for example. Or maybe some kind of other large reptile.

So get out there and fully embrace your hatred! Let the hate flow through you! And together we can rule the galaxy <3