We’re missing six sea monsters

In case your thalassophobia wasn’t bad enough already!

Check out this super interesting video from Atomic Frontier in which he explains the sea monsters of old, and also the way we can kinda guess how much stuff there is left to find in the ocean.

But here’s the bluff notes: A collectors curve is a bit of math we can use to figure out how many species are in an environment without actually needed to find and count all of them. By counting all the things we DO know about, you can extrapolate forward and make a pretty good guess at how many things we DON’T know about.

In this video he defines a “sea monster” as being a creature being 2 meters or bigger. By using a collector’s curve, we can guess there are about SIX creatures left in the ocean, that are bigger than humans that we haven’t discovered yet. What could they be? I hope it’s a type of whale. Big fan of whales. I hope it’s not something with tentacles, cause I really hate things with tentacles, but odds are unfortunately pretty high that one of those 6 will be a squid or something…