What if there was only one time zone?

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Time Zones are confusing. I can never remember whether my family is at the same time zone as me, or if they’re an hour behind, because that changes with Daylight Savings. I have no idea what time it is for any of my friends living in Europe or Australia, and trying to set up a call with someone, even here in Canada can be impossible if you don’t remember the time zones. But what if there was only one?

At first the idea seems crazy, like… You can’t really work “9-5” if 9am is the middle of the night. But there’s actually precident for it! The entire country of China is on one time zone, and depending on if you live in Eastern China or Western China, stores open a few hours earlier or later. You wouldn’t be working 9-5, you’d be working whatever hours would normally be 9-5, and just call them that. So maybe it’s 11-7, or 6-2, but whatever it is, it’s just number anyways. Doesn’t really matter much which numbers it is, and it’s a lot less confusing for companies to not have to worry about converting times between their various locations. (it would probably also be easier to use a 24 hour clock for this too, but that’s something the governments would figure out, I’m just here with the ideas.)

Honestly, once we all got used to it, it’d make life so much easier for everybody, like how the Metric system came in and made life way simpler for everybody. Literally the only people I’ve ever heard say that Imperial is better than Metric is people who grew up with Imperial, and even most of them say that it’s worse, but it’s just what they know. Imagine a future where you don’t have to change your watch every time you go on vacation, or having to reset your clock twice a year for daylight savings.