When the bugs fit through the tent mesh

So normally Tents have mesh so that air can circulate, and you can see out of them like a window, while keeping the bugs like mosquitoes out. But what happens when the bugs are small enough to fit between the gaps in the mesh? Well that’s what my boyfriend discovered the answer to last week, as we were on vacation together. You see, over in Prince Rupert, they’ve got these insects called “noseeums.” Which, as the name suggests, are so small they’re hard to even see at first. Well they also have a taste for human blood in the same way that mosquitoes do, except they’ve got the advantage of being tiny.

At first, we didn’t even know how they were getting in, until he suddenly realized that it was probably the fact that the mesh on the tent probably couldn’t keep them out. Now, I didn’t get bit at all, since I always keep the covers tight over myself, because I get chilly very quick and easily. Him on the other hand, he runs hot, so he’s usually got an arm or a leg hanging out in the open air, and by the time we were ready to leave, he was putting litres of afterbite all over his arms and legs, and I had to keep telling him not to scratch. It was quite the experience, and I even used the “sit on your hands” that my parents used to say to me when I was scratching my eczema.

I don’t envy his situation, but I definitely also just find the whole thing hilarious.