Which Chocolate do you Choco-like?

Chocolate is delicious! That is just a well-known fact. I always think it’s weird when someone says they don’t like chocolate. It barely happens but when it does it blows my mind. The nice thing is there is a wide variety of chocolates. From plain, to ones with nuts, caramel, and even fruit! The chocolate can even change its taste depending on where it was made because each place makes it slightly different. At a baseline level, chocolate can be put into three main categories white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.

Milk chocolate is my favourite! Honestly, I’ll eat all three. Dark chocolate can get bitter if you have a lot of it, so it’s best with some fruit or nuts. Whereas white chocolate has the opposite problem, It can get really rich. It’s best to not have too much. Then there is milk chocolate, which I feel is the perfect middle ground. It’s sweet but not too rich. It’s creamy, not bitter. It is just great. I can devour a whole bag of those Cadbury milk chocolate mini-eggs any day.

It turns out that most people agreed with me because on KIX FM 85% of people said that milk chocolate is the best! Dark and white chocolate tied at 8% of the vote. In River Country, 70% of the vote went to milk chocolate followed by white at 20% and dark at 10%.

So, turns out milk chocolate is the favourite by a landslide. White chocolate is slightly ahead of dark chocolate but I feel like that is just because dark chocolate can be bitter. Most people don’t want that when they think of a sweet treat. The moral of the story here is to go get yourself some milk chocolate because it’s tasty!

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-Jared Gomes