Wine Wednesday | Bask Pinot Noir

Happy Wine Wednesday, Friends! This week I am uncorking a wine that is preeeeeetty new on the market! I’m talking just launched this summer, basically no online presence kind of new!

I am not typically a red wine drinker. I drink red on occasion but it’s not really what I reach for. However, I reeeally enjoyed this one! I definitely drank it slower than I would drink a white, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It is a Canadian wine. It’s super smooth, flavourful; definitely taste those black cherry notes. This wine is also zero grams of sugar per serving!

Bask Pinot Noir has an alcohol content of 13.5% and sells for a whopping $12.

Pick up a bottle of this Pinot Noir from Bask at the Barrel Wine ‘N’ Spirits liquor store in Peace River and save 10% on Wednesdays!