Would you like to go on a walk with Shawn Mendes?

Good news! You can. Kinda sorta.

It’s a new thing from Apple called “Time to Walk” and it’s a feature available to all fitness+ subscribers on their apple watch.

Basically… It’s a podcast. I don’t really know what Apple is trying to do by calling it anything else. It’s a podcast where celebs talk at you while you take a walk. Which is lovely! Going for walks is a top tier way to spend your morning, afternoon, or evening. Unless its the middle of winter and it’s -20 outside in which case maybe just wait until it warms up a bit eh?

Mendes’ episode is 28 minutes long and he talks about his personal life and his work. He describes the things he’s seeing as he walks through Griffith Park in LA and just generally hangs out. Sounds like a good time.

Dolly Parton also has an episode on Time to Walk which I’m sure is absolutely legendary.