A Bubble Tea For You And Me!

I have an addiction…to bubble tea! over the last couple of years bubble tea has been increasing in popularity. Back then is when I first tried it and have been hooked ever since. Every chance I get I’ll try and get a bubble tea because not only does it hydrate you, because it is a drink, but it also gives you something to chew on, because it is a snack, as well.

The thing with bubble tea is there is a lot of customization which allows you to drink the drink how you want to drink it. I personally think that milk tea with tapioca pearls is just great, add a little brown sugar and it’s perfect. A lot of people don’t like tapioca pearls so places offer substitutes such as popping pearls with different flavours. These are similar to gushers or something of the like. They have a flavored liquid inside so if you don’t like chewing on the tapioca pearls maybe you might choose that. The third variant of topping is different flavoured jellies such as coconut or lychee.

Once you have picked your toppings you can pick what flavour of drink you want. There are fruit flavours such as strawberry or mango, or tea flavours such as matcha or milk tea. There are a lot of combinations. So, when someone tells me they don’t like bubble tea I try and get them to try a different variant. because there will probably be one that they like.

With my love for the drink and me talking about it on air so much I got curious. Does anyone else even like this? Well, in River Country, turns out, no one does. 100% of people said they don’t like bubble tea. On KIX Fm no one is with me on the tapioca pearls but 8% of people said they like the popping pearls and 17% of people said they like it with jellies, then the majority at 75% said they just don’t like it in general.

Well, I hope my earlier spiel might get some of you to change your minds. There are a lot of bubble tea places opening up. We have a couple here in Peace River. So, next time you are willing to get adventurous, I suggest trying a new bubble tea flavour with new toppings, and who knows maybe you’ll find your new favourite drink!

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-Jared Gomes