Curling Canada Out With Return To Play Guidelines

Curling Canada’s return to play guidelines could lead to the sport of curling looking a little bit different next season.

Danny Lamoureux, Curling Canada’s director of curling club development, says some of the recommendations include the use of one sweeper during games, no sweeping the opposition’s stone behind the tee-line and new markings on ice for non-throwing team members to be stationed.

“We created a traffic flow for the two teams on the ice so they never come within six feet of each other. Team A delivers and Team B is on the sidelines then as the rock is delivered, they come in and replace the team that threw the rock in the house and they continue on until the end is over.”

Lamoureux says even with the recommendations that they’ve made, different clubs can alter them depending on the local government and health regulations.

“Whatever the local health authority allows you to do, take advantage of it to make sure that you do deliver and enjoyable experience. We’ve based these broad guidelines to allow them to do some of that customization. Even the little two-sheeter in the middle of nowhere can certainly make things fun for their curlers.”

You can find Curling Canada’s Return to Play guidelines here.

– Kyle Moore, Trending 55 Newsroom