Ice Ice Maybe?

I always love when I am in the minority of these poll votes it keeps things interesting. The question we are talking about today is do you prefer to have ice in your drinks?

My answer is no, I do not. I feel like I have a couple of good reasons why. Firstly ice, when it melts, dilutes the drink so if you have pop or any kind of drink it will taste less flavorful. all because of some melted ice. Secondly, the ice takes up space in the cup. This one is important when you are at a restaurant or fast food, joint because they will put more drink in your cup if it’s not being taken up by ice. My third and final point is a counterargument. some of you might say that “I want ice in my drink to make it colder” well my third point is that sometimes ice makes it too cold. If the drink is refrigerated I feel like that is as cold as it needs to be. It is still cool and drinkable but it won’t give you a brain freeze. The perfect temperature.

Despite the amazing facts about why no ice is better people still love their ice-cold drinks. In River Country we had 100% of the people say ice is the best and on KIX FM we had a majority at 67% saying that ice is the best. Turns out I am in the minority for this one with the other 33% of people that said no to ice.

So it turns out a nice ice cold drink just can’t be beaten. Although I don’t agree with it most of the time it can be nice especially when you are sitting back at the beach with a drink full of ice and a little umbrella on top now that is ideal…have I ever done that…no…but I do think it is still probably the best way to enjoy an ice-cold drink.

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-Jared Gomes